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The problem

Traditional pathology methods are slow and destroy tissue. Traditional pathology requires fresh tissue to be fixed, embedded with paraffin, sliced into thin slices (4-10 microns), and stained before it can be digitally scanned. This process typically takes 3 days to over 1 week, and the sample is lost during the process.

Our solution: Luci

Luci delivers digital images of fresh or paraffin embedded biopsies within minutes and preserves samples.

Luci images biopsy samples without the need for formalin fixation or slicing. Fluorescent stains are used to illuminate important pathological features,which do not affect downstream histopathology processing. Luci is powered by a structured illumination microscopy (SIM) system. In SIM, a pattern is used to mark the in focus plane of the sample, then the in-focus image is computationally reconstructed. The optically sectioned image has 1.3 micron resolution (10x objective), which can be used for pathological evaluation.