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Advancing Education with Digital Pathology

The microscope and accompanying boxes of glass slides have been standard tools for learning both histology and pathology. But there is a new standard emerging; with the advent of digital whole slide imaging (WSI) over the past several years, there is an opportunity to revolutionize the way teaching and learning …

Blog Post: May 6, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology education
How to Prevent (or pull yourself out of) Career Burnout

We asked the #pathtwitter community to share their advice for pathologists who may be facing burnout and the response was astounding. The topic of burnout is a hot one and one that many pathologists may face at some point in their career. Here is what fellow pathologists shared with us …

Blog Post: April 28, 2020
Tags: career-burnout
#Pathologists: The New Social Media Influencers, Part 2

Twitter. No longer a place to just share memes and gifs and funny cat videos. If you read part one of our pathologists and social media series, you learned that live-tweeting is no longer just a trend, it’s commonplace and arguably required for pathologists to make the most of conventions. …

Blog Post: April 21, 2020
Tags: social-media Twitter
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