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Dog Days are (almost?) Over: Part 1

Here at Instapath, we are animal lovers! In fact, we each have at least one dog as a furry family member. One of our team members, Kristin, had a particularly anxiety-inducing experience at the vet with her dog Rowdy. It got us all thinking how digital pathology could play a …

Blog Post: Feb. 11, 2020
Tags: veterinary-care digital-pathology veterinary-pathology
Making the High Cure Rate of Mohs More Worth it with Digital Pathology

Over one million new cases of non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) are diagnosed annually in the United States and the prevalence of skin cancer is five times higher than that of breast or prostate cancer. The incidence of NMSC is increasing worldwide, especially in the United States. Mohs surgery is the …

Blog Post: Feb. 4, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology Mohs
A Nod to Radiology: How Radiology's Digitization Can Inspire the Future Toward a Digital Pathology Landscape

Digital pathology: an unknown territory to many labs. With benefits such as time- and labor-savings and direct patient benefits such as shorter time to diagnosis and quicker onset of treatment, champions of digital pathology are perplexed why it hasn’t taken off like its counterpart radiology did in the 1980’s. Radiology …

Blog Post: Jan. 28, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology
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