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A Nod to Radiology: How Radiology's Digitization Can Inspire the Future Toward a Digital Pathology Landscape

Digital pathology: an unknown territory to many labs. With benefits such as time- and labor-savings and direct patient benefits such as shorter time to diagnosis and quicker onset of treatment, champions of digital pathology are perplexed why it hasn’t taken off like its counterpart radiology did in the 1980’s. Radiology …

Blog Post: Jan. 28, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology
Bent on Barriers: A Case for Digital Pathology in the Clinical Setting

In today’s healthcare landscape it’s all about quality care, which patients deserve and have come to expect. Quality requires precious resources like time, money and personnel. With digital pathology (DP), it’s no different. Implementing a digital pathology system (DPS) comes at a cost but brings with it many advantages which …

Blog Post: Jan. 21, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology workflow-efficiency better-patient-outcomes
Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: Applications for Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as an incredible tool in specialties which focus on image analysis for medical diagnostics such as radiology and pathology. Specialists may use AI to improve their diagnostic accuracy or address difficult cases where subjectivity may cause inconsistent diagnoses. Pathologists have varying levels of experience and …

Blog Post: Jan. 14, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology artificial-intelligence healthcare
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