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Digital Pathology: Opportunity for Better Patient Outcomes

Digital pathology supports the creation, processing, analysis, sharing and exchange of information including images and data. This enables pathologists to have access to highly specialized medical experts (i.e. for second opinions on challenging cases) and paves the way for patient-pathologist consultations, both of which lead to better patient outcomes. Digital …

Blog Post: May 20, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology collaboration better-patient-outcomes
#Pathologists: The New Social Media Influencers, Part 3

In parts one and two, we covered the multiple uses of Twitter by the #pathtwitter community including live tweeting at conferences, the numerous sub-communities on Twitter like @DermpathJC and the international, multi-institutional #EBUSTwitter study conducted entirely through Twitter. As #pathtwitter discovers even more novel uses of Twitter to connect …

Blog Post: May 12, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology Twitter
Advancing Education with Digital Pathology

The microscope and accompanying boxes of glass slides have been standard tools for learning both histology and pathology. But there is a new standard emerging; with the advent of digital whole slide imaging (WSI) over the past several years, there is an opportunity to revolutionize the way teaching and learning …

Blog Post: May 6, 2020
Tags: digital-pathology education
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