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Digital imaging for rapid on-site pathology evaluation

Preventing repeat biopsy procedures and increasing hospital revenue.

Fundamentally changing how biopsy evaluation is performed

Instapath has developed a microscopy system that provides an exact picture of cancer biopsies within seconds, providing essential biopsy quality evaluation to ensure an accurate final diagnosis. Our system is capable of imaging biopsy samples immediately upon removal in seconds at subcellular resolution, all while preserving the tissue for future analysis.

See the whole image now

Current methods capture less than 1% of a total biopsy. Instapath ensures the quality of biopsies by providing an exact picture of a whole biopsy at subcellular resolution within seconds of removal.

Enabling digital pathology on fresh tissue

A mobile application for image viewing and annotation allows for fast and centralized remote pathology evaluation on all common devices

Revolutionize your biopsy evaluation workflow today