Rapid biopsy assessment of fresh tissue

Every year, 5 million biopsy procedures are performed to diagnose cancer in the U.S. alone. Of those 5 million patients, 1 million need repeat procedures due to inadequate biopsy quality. Repeat procedures can delay life-saving treatments for over 2 months. Instapath ensures biopsy quality, reducing repeat biopsies by half.

High Accuracy

Current methods capture less than 1% of a total biopsy. Instapath ensures the quality of biopsies by providing an exact picture of a whole biopsy at subcellular resolution within seconds of removal.

Remote Evaluation

A mobile application for image viewing and annotation allows for fast and centralized remote pathology evaluation on all common devices

Meet the Team

  • Mei Wang

    Research and Development

  • David Tulman

    Clinical Validation

  • Pete Lawson

    Software Engineering

  • J. Quincy Brown

    Scientific Advisor

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